Comparable Market Analysis

The best method available to home sellers to learn their home's current value so they can select the best sale price is a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis. CMA is the term real estate agents use when they conduct an in-depth analysis of a home's worth in today's market.

The best part about a CMA is that it's free!



We create a marketing strategy Specific to your property.  We utilize multiple advertising avenues including over 100 websites from Zillow to Nestigator to ensuring your property reaches the proper people.  But that just the start! Contact me today to talk about how I treat every properties marketing plan differently.



What do they all mean?  If your not in the business your not expected to know everything and it gives us great joy to inform you on all the industry jargon like, Contigent and Escrow!



At Martin Realty we provide more! We will price your house so you get the best value from your investment. Martin Realty will market your property in the community to get the most traffic to your property. Our goal is to help you sell your property without it sitting on the market for a long period of time.



Transparency is important to us for our customers. We want to make sure when selling your home you are aware of all parts of the process, from marketing to contracts to open houses to showings.


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